Digipack Analysis 3

The Fray’s digipack for their album ‘How to save a life’ is a lot less abstract but still caught my eye with its colour scheme and subtle symbolism. The main album image is a lightbulb created quite cleverly out of broken glass, which reflects light, making the ‘bulb’ light up. The result is a fairly […]

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Album art early concepts

Taking inspiration from my last Digipack analysis, I’ve created a series of abstract images that I feel work well with the music of Midriff. The source image is a simple piece of polyethene foam board dusted with charcoal powder and then smudged. I then took this image in B&W and converted it into a text file. Once in this […]

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Digipack analysis 2

Snow Patrol’s album is hardly recent, but I draw a lot of parallels between the Band and Midriff. Both have origins in rock music, they use very similar instruments and vocal stylings, and Snow Patrol started out in the same place that Midriff currently find themselves. I really like the art style seen on the album. The monochrome mixed […]

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Digipack analysis 1

Symbolic imagery is the order of the day when it comes to Brandon Rike’s designs for the Blurryface digipack. The first thing that Rike did was sit down with the band’s main creative force, Tyler Joseph. Joseph created the concept of Blurryface as a personification of all our bad traits are human beings. It’s something everyone can instinctively empathize […]

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Website Research 4

    If I thought that Ward Thomas’ website was simple, that Steve Angelo’s offering makes it look practically space age. I mentioned before my desire to create an experience that allows the hardcore fans to ‘dig out’ the more detailed information about the band while allowing the more casual fans a way to access the core information, […]

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Website Research 3

Ward Thomas’ aesthetic matches their music in the way that the country and western tone is kept, while the new pop vibe is present in the majority. The use of the old style font in the natural red clay color harkens back in an homage to their country roots. This contrasts with a modern layout […]

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Website Research 2

Macklemore Macklemore’s website features a much more classical design, with some elements unique to his particular style. The homepage is simple, a set of three images gently fading into one another showing images of the artist and his latest album’s artwork. Below we see iconography for Spotify, apple music, iTunes, and Amazon: access to his music. […]

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