Website research 1

21 Pilots 21 Pilots approach to their website is a reflection of their understanding of their target audience. Their fan base is almost entirely millennials, specifically the bracket of this generation starting with born in 1995. As such they have understood that most of these people will not look for a website when searching for […]

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Research Post 8

Cucurucu – Nick Mulvey Cucurucu presents an interesting take on a music video. So interesting that I spent some considerable time researching exactly how such a unique video came about. The songwriter Nick Mulvey, wanted to convey “wide expanses and space to wonder”. The video was not filmed with the music in mind, but is […]

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Research Post 7

House of Gold – 21 Pilots   House of golds presents an interesting ratio of narrative to performance within this video. The video is almost entirely performance based, with a heavy focus on the setting of this performance, which mirrors the setting as set-out in the song’s lyrics and indeed title. This setting which links […]

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Research Post 6

Riptide – Vance Joy Another unusual concept for this video, with nothing that an be seriously called a performance, and at first glance a very literal narrative which relies heavily upon the lyrics of the song as the engine which carries it. From a visual standpoint, the shots comprise a repetitive structure which mirrors the […]

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Research Post 5

Work Song – Hozier – Here is another example of how Narrative can blend with Performance elementsĀ in a fantastic and creative way. It’s also an example (and a rare one at that) of a video where both narrative and performance convey the literal message of the actual song. This is created in terms of performance […]

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Reaearch Post 4

Cocoon – Milky Chance – Cocoon is an example of a video where the video narrative appears very different to the lyrical narrative, but when condensed to their base elements, are in fact very similar. Cocoon’s video follows the story of what appears to be a post-apocalyptic society trying to survive. People can be seen […]

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Research Post 3

  Needing/Getting – OK GO – The nature of Needing/Getting in indeed all of OK GO’s music videos is such that a step by step analysis would provide little in the way of useful information. I will instead focus on several key moments and features of the video that could be extrapolated for use with […]

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